If you want to discuss the menopause and HRT options, we ask kindly that complete two requests for us first:

  1. read/watch the following information
  2. Complete the menopause questionnaire. You can do this by asking reception to send you a link.

After you have completed the above steps, we will send you a link to book a telephone appointment with Dr Beck or Dr Wood.

We ask all patients considering HRT to read the following information and watch the videos from the British Menopause Society.

WHC factsheets and other helpful resources – Women’s Health Concern (

Helpful Videos

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
Kathy Abernethy, Director of Menopause Services, Peppy Health, and Trustee – British Menopause Society, answers these FAQs: What is HRT? What are the types of HRT? Which preparation should I take? Is there a difference? How long could I take it for? If a patient had a hysterectomy would her HRT intake be different? What are the side effects? What are benefits of HRT? What are the risks of HRT?
Menopause Explained
Dr Heather Currie MBE, Associate Specialist Gynaecologist, Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary, and Trustee – British Menopause Society, answers these FAQs: What is the menopause? At what age does a woman usually go into the menopause? How is the menopause diagnosed? What are the symptoms of the menopause? How can the symptoms of the menopause be managed?