Urgent 2 week referral

Your GP can arrange for you to have tests or see a hospital doctor (specialist) sooner than usual. This is to investigate your symptoms, find out what is wrong and if it could be cancer.

Most people will not have cancer, but if you do, early diagnosis and treatment are important.

You will get your appointment as quickly as possible. In Morecambe Bay you should see get your appointment within 2 weeks. Your first appointment may be over the phone or at the hospital. Staff at the hospital have made every effort to make sure it’s a safe place to visit.

It is normal to worry when you are urgently referred to see a specialist by your GP. However, more than 9 out of every 10 people (more than 90%) referred this way will not be diagnosed with cancer. 

If you have a face to face appointment with your GP they will give you a patient information leaflet outlining the next steps and who to call if you do not receive your appointment within 2 weeks.

If your appointment is over the telephone, your GP will send you a text message outlining the next steps and who to call if you do not receive your appointment within 2 weeks.

Click here to view the patient information leaflet

Extended Access is the offer of pre-bookable appointments outside GP practices’ core contractual hours, either in the early morning, evening (until 9.30pm) or at weekend and on bank holidays.

There are a range of appointments we can offer our patients in addition to practice appointments, please speak to our reception team for more information.

If you need medical assistance whilst we are closed, please call NHS 111 or access information online Get medical help – NHS 111

For life threatening emergencies – Call 999 for an ambulance

For urgent dental treatment: call your dentist or  call the Lancashire and South Cumbria Dental help line number 0300 1243 010. The helpline will assess dental needs and if urgent signpost to relevant service.

The online consult service has clinically approved , GP-authored information covering a number of topics with self-help videos and resources. Submit a routine query and we will respond in two working days.